Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan
Vice Chancellor
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Welcome to Baltistan University!

Gilgit-Baltistan (Pakistan) is the land of Ibex, Yak, unstudied beauty, unique landscape, natural resources, cultural heritage, peace, and hospitality. Every year thousands of national and international tourists and researchers visit this heaven on earth! Baltistan University is in such an inimitable setting of nature. It is one of the emerging higher education public universities of State, supporting a rich historical legacy of the region with an improved academic reputation and enhanced global impression; although, it has a long way to go!

As Baltistan’s leading university in the lap of mighty Karakorum-Himalayan Mountain ranges, committed to excellence in learning and teaching, we offer a unique learner-centered experience to our students. The university intends to play a key role in the development of communities located in the Karakorum and Himalayan mountainous valleys of far northern Pakistan and is enthusiastic to elevate them at par with that of the regional and international societies.

The Academic Departments and the Administrative Offices at UoBS toil synergistically to design future leaders encouraging innovative reflection and critical thinking among them; making them able to anticipate the challenges of tomorrow and converting them into opportunities for the benefit of society.

BaltistanUniversity has a great potential to contribute to the knowledge-based economy by producing professionals equipped with innovative and critical cognitive competence essential to compete in the global workforce. BaltistanUniversity is swiftly making incremental progress in quality teaching, productive research, knowledge sharing, and global outlook. With the vision of transforming students through experiential learning, the University intends to synergize its external linkages to integrate market-oriented competencies in the curriculum and harness job-driven competencies among students.

We believe in nurturing a conducive environment for the professional and intellectual growth of our academic community i. e. students and faculty members through knowledge-sharing platforms with the local and global community of scholars. We are at the juncture where we are setting the future for a new university.

The majority of our students are women. This is indeed a remarkable sign which clearly shows not only how Pakistan’s demography and social structure have transformed, but also that women are now overcoming social taboos and constraints and are setting new standards. Clearly, it is remarkable and path-breaking development and trend, which is highly encouraging. 

My ambition, intention, and hope– is to make Baltistan University one of the leading centers of learning, education, and creative intellectual endeavor in the region.

Professor Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan


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