English is acknowledged worldwide as the language of science, technology, education and communication. In Pakistan, English serves as the official language of the country, which makes the study of English language and literature almost mandatory for all the citizens of Pakistan in every sphere of life. Gilgit Baltistan, being one of the remotest and most underdeveloped part of the country, long suffered the lack of an institution of higher education, where a department of English could educate and train the youth of the area with the skills related to understanding and use of English language, literature and linguistics. However, the long wait is over with the establishment of University of Baltistan toprovide the desired platform on the doorsteps for the people of this region to equip themselves with the lingua franca of the world.

The Department of English at the University of Baltistan caters for the mentioned needs of the youth and the department aims to produce skilled learners; with strong oral and written skills which will enable them to care for their educational, linguistic, economic, cultural and social urges and needs. Furthermore, a critical study of English linguistics and literature coupled with an ample skill of communication in English language will inculcate in the youth a critical, creative, analytical, reflective, independent faculty of thought, resulting in the construction of erudite and earnest individuals as well as a peaceful and prosperous society.

The Department offers the following programs at undergraduate and graduate levels.

MA English Linguistics and Literature—2 years

BS(Hons.)—4 years