The MLT is a newly established department at the University of Baltistan, Skardu. First admissions of the department will be offered in Fall 2022 in the Associate Degree program. MLT program is designed to follow prerequisite courses in basic science (i.e., Biology and Chemistry), professional courses (i.e., Hematology, Clinical Pathology, etc.), and Clinical training experiences. The MLT series of courses offer you theoretical information to support your efforts to refresh, maintain and enrich your clinical knowledge base. Anatomy and physiology as well as medical terminology courses are prerequisites for MLT Program. Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) receive education and clinical training (via internships) in chemical and biological testing related to health and human disease. MLTs are highly skilled scientists having associated knowledge of different branches of diagnostic sciences including Biochemistry/Clinical Pathology, Exfoliative Cytology, Genetics, Hematology, Immunology, Microbiology, Molecular Biology, and Serology. MLTs perform a wide variety of routine laboratory procedures and work in both public and private laboratories serving the health care sector.

 Our faculty are certified Medical Laboratory Scientists with advanced degrees and/or special certification and varied clinical experiences offering a diverse academic presentation. They are dedicated to helping you gain the skills and knowledge you need to begin your career.