Department of Educational Development is one of the pioneer departments of the University of Baltistan, Skardu. The department aims to develop exemplary teachers, teacher educators, educational managers, and leaders, equipped with contextually relevant knowledge, skills, and scholarship in the areas of education and educational development.


Education for life with human dignity, civic responsibility, and economic prosperity! 


To produce dynamic educators with capabilities of change management through learning from life and for life, who can serve in educational institutions to ensure the quality of teaching and learning.


  • Provide well-defined learning opportunities through research and innovative approaches;
  • Create hope and enthusiasm in learners for academic excellence;
  • Develop pedagogical leaders and reflective practitioners; and change agents
  • Expand horizons of learning from both inside and outside classroom activities.


  • Promote ‘transformative and multidisciplinary teaching-learning practices;
  • Initiate, encourage, and facilitate innovation and research in education;
  • Develop standardized protocols for all academic processes and practices;
  • Educate prospective teachers about resources development for learning; and
  • Integrate ICT in teaching and learning


Program Vision

Fostering the school reforms through development of teacher’s capabilities by dissemination of knowledge and discovery

Program Mission

Work for producing effective pedagogical leaders, reflective practitioners who will work as a change agents in schools as well as in the society

Program goals

  • Producing Innovative competent individuals who will work for educational change.
  • Helping and supporting students for professional and   academic excellence
  • Equip students with all abilities and skills to bring educational reforms


Program Objectives


  • Ensure need-based and innovative  teaching-learning approaches ’
  • Provide research and projective facilities  in education
  • Foster academic progressed through improved content knowledge skills.
  • Develop pedagogical and managerial skills among the students
  • To educate prospective teachers about learning resources generation
  • Ensure integration of ICT in Classroom

Develop sense of exploration and investigation among prospective teachers