The Department of Mathematics is one of the pioneer disciplines of the university, established in 2019. It comprises highly qualified faculty members, with most actively engaged in research across applied, pure, and computational mathematics. The department has played a leading role in research and teaching within the university, annually producing impressive research articles in international journals. Many faculty members have established research collaborations with prominent scholars at national and international levels. Within a short period, the department initiated its BS program in 2019, followed by the MS program in 2021 and the PhD program in 2023. To date, it has produced more than 10 MS scholars by 2024.

Vision Statement

Department of Mathematics will be a source for the promotion of problem solving, analytical thinking and utilizing technology. It is our belief that the rapidly changing technological advances have created a fluid and dynamic world for this generation of students so keeping in mind these challenges, vision of mathematics department is  to graduate qualified cadres who are equipped with insight and research skills in the field of mathematics and make lasting contribution to the society by helping to solve problems in such diverse fields as medicine, management, economics, government organizations, computer sciences, physics, psychology, engineering and social sciences.



  • To encourage students to conduct research projects to develop their analytical and logical thinking.

  • To pursue excellence in Mathematics through teaching and research skills.

  • To collaborate with the community in the field of research and teaching adapting modern techniques and changes occur in coming eras.

  • To expand the implementing grounds of mathematics to various spheres of life for the improvement and betterment of the human standards.