Dr. Haji Karim Khan
Director Academics
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The Directorate of Academics serves as the vanguard of the University, spearheading the planning and execution of all academic initiatives and projects, meticulously aligning them with the vision and approvals of the esteemed Academic Council and Board of Governors. With a vigilant eye, it vigilantly oversees all academic activities to ensure strict adherence to the institution's well-defined academic standards and policies, steadfastly upholding the pinnacle of academic excellence in both teaching and learning.

A paramount responsibility of the Directorate is the continuous assessment and enhancement of academic programs. Through rigorous annual reviews and updates, it ensures the enduring quality of curricula, study courses, and the entire academic infrastructure, encompassing cutting-edge laboratories and modern classrooms. Furthermore, the Directorate keeps a forward-looking approach, constantly anticipating emerging educational needs and charting visionary plans to meet the future demands of education.

In tandem with these responsibilities, the Directorate actively engages in crafting, revising, and meticulously monitoring academic curricula and policies. It does so by staying in alignment with internationally recognized best practices, adapting to the ever-evolving demands of the job market, and staying attuned to the stringent requirements set by accreditation bodies. The effectiveness of these policies is paramount, and the Directorate ensures that they are not merely on paper but fully realized in practice, fostering an environment of continuous improvement and innovation. In this multifaceted role, the Directorate of Academics stands as the unwavering guardian of academic excellence within the University, steering it toward a future marked by educational distinction and global relevance.