Muhammad iqbal
Muhammad Iqbal
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Former Treasurers


The Treasurer Office (TO) is responsible for providing financial, budgetary and treasury services to the University. TO is tasked with planning, organizing, auditing, accounting for and controlling university’s finances.

All aspects of accounting are carried through the finance department including payable function, fixed asset reporting, annual budget preparation and financial reporting of UoBS. The department prepares the University's Annual Financial report in accordance with generally accepted accounting principle (GAPP).

The working of the department has been converted into electronic data processing system using the in-house developed Software. This has greatly contributed to achieve organizational management and accounting needs.

The Treasurer’s Office established under Article 13 of the University of Baltistan Order, 2016 has the mandate to:

  • Manage the assets, liabilities, receipts, expenditures, funds and investments of the University;
  • Prepare the annual and revised budget estimates of the University and present them to the Syndicate or a committee thereof for approval and incorporation in the budget to be presented to the Senate;
  • Ensure that the funds of the University are expended on the purposes for which they are provided;
  • Have the accounts of the University audited annually so as to be available for submission to the Senate within six Months of the close of the financial year; and
  • Perform such other duties as may be prescribed.


To deliver the quality oriented financial support services to the university faculty, students and administration by ensuring an efficient, economic and transparent financial management and reporting system.