University of Baltistan, Skardu was established on August 25, 2017, under the “University of Baltistan Order 2016” as a federal public-sector university. The University facilitates an opportunity for all persons irrespective of gender, religion, race, creed, class, color, or domicile. Earlier, as a higher educational institution, the university started functioning as a sub-campus of Karakoram International University in 2011 with four departments including Computer Science, Modern Languages, Business Management, and Educational Development. The Department of Biological Sciences was initiated in 2017 hence increasing the number of departments to five.
The University of Baltistan, Skardu is a public-sector university and the only higher education institution offering various degree programs in the region. The establishment of this university has a multitude of prospects in the future for the local, national, and international students. Currently, the University offers admissions in BS and Masters Programs in various departments such as Computer Science, Modern Languages, Biological Sciences, Mathematics, Business Management, Tourism and Hospitality, Chemistry, Environmental Science, and Educational Development.
The geostrategic location of the university provides a strong foundation for current and future endeavors. Baltistan is situated in the lap of the two largest mountain ranges, i.e., Himalaya and Karakoram, in the extreme north of Pakistan. The region is composed of several enchanting valleys including Skardu, Khapulu, Shigar, Kharmang, Gultari, and Roundu. Skardu is the capital city of the entire region. The region abounds with natural resources, landscapes, and unique climatic conditions. It hosts some of the largest glacial ranges such as Baltoro, Biafo, Siachen, Trango, and Godwin-Austen. The region is home to five summits which are more than 8000 meters. Among them, K2 is the second-highest peak in the world. In addition, a cluster of 150 world-famous mountain peaks is also located in this terrain. Deosai, the world’s highest plateau, is also located in Baltistan. Indus River, one of the longest rivers of the world, creeps crossing different valleys of Baltistan till it rushes towards the North-west into the gorge Roundu and adjacent valleys. Several natural and artificial lakes increase the beauty of this terrain. There are hundreds of thousands of herbal medicinal plants in this region. Other than these, Baltistan is also famous for mining, wildlife, built heritage, unique cultural customs, and games (polo, skiing, etc). The mesmerizing features of Baltistan attract thousands of national and international tourists and researchers every year. Therefore, all the programs and activities in the university are the mirror reflection of enriched local resources of the vicinity. The university plays a pivotal role in the socio-economic and educational development of the region and nation through robust and contextually relevant programs.