Key Functions

The following are the key functions of the Office.

  • Providing leadership for the overall examinations and assessment (internal and external) in the university;
  • Developing, reviewing, and modifying the examination policies and procedures nested in the vision and mission of the university;
  • Implementing examination policies, procedures, and rules of the university;
  • Liaising with the Higher Education Commission (HEC) in connection with the implementation of higher education policies related to the assessment, examination, and certification;
  • Ensuring quality in teaching and learning through employing quality assessment mechanisms;
  • Guaranteeing safe custody of examination related records and allied documents;
  • Conducting Mid-Term, Final-Term, and Thesis examinations. Compiling, publishing, and disseminating final results, and preparing transcripts and degrees for the successful candidates;
  • Arranging convocations as per the policies of the university.