Chairman and the Members of Academic Council


  1. Vice-Chancellor, UoBS


  1. Mr. Waseem Ullah Jan Malik Registrar, UoBS
  2. Professor Ashfaque Ahmad SHAH PhD, Dean, Faculty of EHSS, UoBS
  3. Dr. Abdul Matin Dean, Faculty of NHS, UoBS
  4. Dr. Haji Karim Controller Examination, UoBS
  5. Dr. Ghulam Raza HoD, Department of Biological Sciences, UoBS 
  6. Dr. Shafqat Hussain HoD, Department of Chemistry and Director ORIC, UoBS 
  7. Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain Director of External Linkages & International Coordination, UoBS
  8. Dr. Muhammad Ali Assistant Professor, Department of Biological Sciences, UoBS
  9. Dr. Zakir Hussain HoD, Department of Mathematics, UoBS
  10. Dr. Muhammad Issa HoD, Department of Languages and Cultural Studies, UoBS
  11. Dr. Wajid Khan HoD, Department of Business Management, UoBS
  12. Dr. Sabir Ali HoD, Department of Educational Development, UoBS
  13. Dr. Salar Ali HoD, Department of Environmental Sciences, UoBS
  14. Dr. Mir Alam, Assistant Professor Department of Business Management, UoBS
  15. Dr. Nusrat Hussain, Assistant Professor Department of Chemistry, UoBS
  16. Dr. Zaheen Ullah, Assistant Professor Department of Geology, UoBS
  17. Principal Public School and College, Skardu 
  18. Principal Girls Degree College, Skardu 
  19. Mr. Jawad Usman Arshad HoD, Computer Sciences, UoBS
  20. Mr. Shamshad Hussain HoD Department of Tourism and Hospitality, UoBS
  21. Ms. Benazir Bano HoD, Department of, UoBS
  22. Mr. Muhammad Kamal Lecturer Languages and Cultural Studies, UoBS