Human error cannot be undermined, therefore, the applicants who have not been shortlisted for the position of “Deputy Director QECACS “are informed to contact the HR Section, University of Baltistan, Skardu to know the reason(s) for not being shortlisted (If deemed necessary). The University shall cross-verify the information and answer their queries. Your queries shall be entertained till March 18, 2024, during working hours i.e 09:30 AM to 03:00 PM.

List of Applicants For Deputy Director QECACS
S. No Name  Father Name CNIC# Remarks
1 Mr. Sajjad Hussain Mr. Ghulam Hussain 71301-6006322-7 Eligible
2 Mr. Safdar Hussain Mr. Qalbi Ali 71701-0343835-7 Eligible
3 Mr. Muhammad Bashir Mr. M. Ibrahim Tabasum 71103-9990291-5 Eligible
4 Mr. Muhammad Sharif Mr. Mukhtar  37405-8031975-7 Eligible
5 Mr. Muhammad Sibtain Mr. Bakhtawar Shah 71501-1281553-3 Eligible
6 Syed Ayaz Hussain Syed Ejaz  71103-7081047-3 Eligible
7 Mr. Naveed Hassan Mr. Hassan 71103-5313664-3 Not Eligible
8 Mr. Maisam M. Kazim Mr. Nazir ahmed 71103-8802039-3 Not Eligible
9 Mr. Ihtisham Ul Haq Mr. Abdul Rehman 71301-2320279-9 Not Eligible
10 Mr. Mehdi Hussain Mr. Ghulam Hussain 71101-8668536-3 Not Eligible
11 Mr. Shujaat Ali Mr. Mahama 71301-4788633-9 Not Eligible
12 Ms. Hajira  Mr. Ghulam Mustafa 71702-0568737-8 Not Eligible
13 Ms. Zakya Mr. Abdul Karim 42301-0341563-8 Not Eligible
14 Mr. Yaqub Abidi Mr. Muhammad Hussain 42201-1214041-3 Not Eligible
15 Mr. Anwar Hussain Noorani Mr. Rozi Ali 71301-9472123-5 Not Eligible
16 Syed Mubarak Ali Kazimi Syed Muhammad Kazimi 71103-5958294-7 Not Eligible