Office of the Treasurer


No-Tr/Purchase/_____                            BID DOCUMENT                                    Price Rs. 1000/-

Project Director Office

 Sealed bids are invited for supply to University of Baltistan from manufacturers, dealers, firms, registered with GST & NTN and PRA (if applicable), for the procurement of below mentioned supply.      


S. No



Unit Price

 Total Price


P.D Office Table

Office Table (5 x 3’) with 2.25ft height, Made of kaayil wood, 3 drawers with Lock, high quality finishing in design with high quality polish. Complete in all respect with locks, polish, handles, drawers rails etc as per given sample. 

5 No




P.D Office Chair

Office Revolving Chair: High back with three steps, five wheel imported, imported regzine, hydraulic machine as per given sample.

2 No




P.D Office Visitor Chairs

Visitor chair structure made of solid kaayil wood. Cushion with master molty foam on seat and back, four leg base and complete in all respect with polish as per sample.

08 No




P.D Office Centre Table

Center Table, Size (4’ x 3’)/Standard size, Made of kaayil wood, center glass, four leg base, and high quality finishing in all respect as per given sample.

2 No




P.D Office Staff Chairs

Office Revolving Chair: High back chair with three steps, five wheel imported, imported regzine, hydraulic machine as per given sample.

4 Nos




Desk Top

Desk Top Computer, Intel Core i7 7th generation 3.6 GHZ RAM 4 GB ROM 1 T.B HDD, keyboard, mouse, 17’’ Full H.D LED Dell or HP, Brand with warranty.

2 Nos





Laptop Intel Core i7 7500u 7th generation 8GB RAM 256 GB Hard Disk  13.3’’ Full H.D Touch Seven Windows 10 operating system Dell or HP, Brand with warranty.

1 No






  1. The bid should be addressed in the name of Treasurer University of Baltistan, Skardu and reach in this office (Procurement wing) by 29-11-2018 up to 11 am.
  2. The committee will open the bids on same date at 11:30 in the presence of bidders, who wish to attend. In case of submission / opening date falls on the public holiday, the submission / opening date will be next working date.
  3. Bid received after due date/ time will not be accepted under any circumstances.
  4. The bid should be submitted along with 2% Earnest Money Demanded (EMD) of the estimated price in the form of Demand Draft, Banker Cheque, or CDR in favor of the Treasurer, University of Baltistan. No bid shall be acceptable without EMD. The said EMD of unsuccessful bidders will be released after final decision. However, the EMD of successful bidder /bidders will be retained until the completion of job successfully a per work order.
  5. Bid shall remain valid for 90 days from the date of opening the bid.
  6. The supply should be executed promptly within delivery period mentioned in purchase order. In case, the Bidder fails to supply the stores within stipulated period, University of the Baltistan will charge liquidated damages/late delivery chargess @2% per month (0.06% per day) subject to a maximum of 10% of the total value of the stores ordered.
  7. For any damages/shortage during transit bidder will be responsible and the same must be replaced within maximum 7 working days.
  8. The technical committee /University shall disqualify or blacklist a bidder if it finds at any time that the information submitted by him concerning his qualification as supplier was false, inaccurate, incomplete or other wise to be indulging in corrupt and fraudulent practices.
  9. The bidder should quote the prices of goods according to the technical specifications. The specifications of goods different from the demand of enquiry shall straightway be rejected.
  10. The bidder is required to offer competitive price. All prices must include relevant taxes and duties where applicable delivery at site. If there is no mention of taxes the offered / quoted price shall be considered as inclusive of all prevailing taxes/ duties. The benefit of exemption from or reduction in the GST or other taxes, if granted at any stage of procurement, shall be passed on to the University.
  11. In case the vendor fails to complete the job or provide substandard articles, or withdraw his offer for any reason, the EMD will be forfeited.
  12. No advance payment will be made in favor of tender awarded Bidder.
  13. Normally the payment will be mad within 14 days after receipt of supplies and found in order in quality and quantity and submission of claim/bill with complete supporting documents.
  14. The competent authority reserves the rights to increase or decrease the quantity as per actual requirement /availability of the funds.
  15. While quoting the rates of required/ specified supplies its make and made/ brand should be written against each. The rates should be quoted only in unit according to the nature of bids.
  16. Competent authority/ University of Baltistan has full unchallengeable rights for formal approval/rejection of the bids or overall the purchase proposal.






Supply of LPG Gas & Other Items

Opening Date 17-10-2021

Closing Date 27-10-2021


Construction of Balti Museum and

Girls Hostel

Opening Date 11-10-2021

Closing Date 22-10-2021


Supply of Office Furniture & Fixture

Opening Date 05-10-2021

Closing Date 18-10-2021



Bid Evaluation Report - Package III


30 KVA Diesel Generator

Opening Date 15-09-2021

Closing Date 04-10-2021


Supply of IT Equipment

Opening Date 04-08-2021

Closing Date 24-08-2021

Supply of Office Stationery

Opening Date 24-08-2021

Closing Date 23-08-2021


Supply of Office Furniture

Opening Date 28-07-2021

Closing Date 23-08-2021


Tender for Canteen

Opening Date 19-07-2021

Closing Date 09-08-2021


Supply of 50 KV Diesel Generator

Opening Date 09-06-2021

Closing Date 25-06-2021



Package III tender Documents


Closing Date 28-06-2021

Technical Evaluation Report Package-III


Invitation for expression of interest (EOL)

Under Public Private Partnership (PPP)


Opening Date May-03-2021


Package III tender Documents


Opening Date April 18, 2021

 Closing Date May 08, 2021 03:00 pm


Supply of IT Equipment 

Opening Date May-04-2021

Closing Date May 20, 2021


Repairing of Hino Bus Model 2004

Opening Date 09-12-2020

Closing Date 24-12-2020



Bid Evaluation Report (Pckg2)

(prepared by the consultants

and duly checked by

'Technical Committee' )

Provision of LPG Gas & Other Items

Opening Date 20-10-2020

Closing Date 26-10-2020

Supply of Furniture and Fixture, Office Stationery, Repairing of Transports.

Opening Date 07-10-2020

Closing Date 24-10-2020

Opening 14th Sep, 2020

Time extension for 

financial bit opening

(civil works)

PPRA No:TS431113E

Last Date 21st   Sep, 2020


Opening Date 25-08-2020

Financial Bid of UoBS


Last Date 14-09-2020


Supply of IT  Equipment

Opening Date 07-09-2020

PPRA NO: TS430524E

Closing Date 29-09-2020


Supply of Equipment

Opening Date 07-09-2020


Closing Date 29-09-2020


Supply of Hardware Lab 

Opening Date 30-07-2020


Closing Date 17-08-2020


Petrol Generator 

Opening Date 30-07-2020

Closing Date 18-08-2020

 PPRA NO:TS427653E


House for Rent

Opening Date 23-06-2020

Closing Date 10-07-2020

Civil Works
Construction of Academic Building etc...

Opening Date 20/4/2020

PPRA No: TS420539E

Closing Date 11/5/2020

Tender for Generator

Opening Date 19-03-2020

PPRA No: TS418518E

Closing Date 06-04-2020


Tender for Canteen

Opening Date 05-03-2020

Closing Date 07-04-2020


Supply of Computer System

Opening Date 14‐10‐2019

PPRA Ref. No:TS402903E

Closing Date 30-10-2019


Tender for LPG Supply

Opening Date 10‐10‐2019

Closing Date 25-10-2019


Tender for Canteen Dr. IA Campus

Opening Date 01‐10‐2019

Closing Date 07-10-2019


Construction of Boundary Wall

Opening Date 19‐09‐2019

PPRA Ref No:TS400644E

Closing Date 08-10-2019


Part time consultant

Opening Date 05‐07‐2019

PPRA Ref No:TS394516E

Closing Date 22‐07‐2019


Required a Building 

Opening Date 12‐07‐2019

Closing Date 27‐07‐2019


Supply of Split AC Inverter

Opening Date 10‐06‐2019

PPRA Ref No:TS392564

Closing Date 26‐06‐2019


Repairing of Bus Body

Opening Date 03‐06‐2019

PPRA Ref No:TS391943

Closing Date 25‐06‐2019


Tender for Bus Tyre

Opening Date 03‐06‐2019

PPRA Ref No:TS391941

Closing Date 18‐06‐2019


 Room for Rent

Opening Date 08‐05‐2019

Closing Date 23‐05‐2019


Repairing of Bus Body

Opening Date 30‐04‐2019

Closing Date 19‐05‐2019

Supply of Chemicals and Glass ware

Opening Date 11‐03‐2019

Closing Date 27‐03‐2019

Canteen Main Campus

Opening Date 18‐02‐2019

Closing Date 05‐03‐2019


House for Rent

Opening Date 01‐02‐2019


Closing Date 15‐02‐2019


Pre-Fabricated Building

Opening Date 01‐02‐2019


Closing Date 16‐02‐2019


Furniture and Fixture

Opening Date 07‐01‐2019


Closing Date 28‐01‐2019


Machinery Equipment

Opening Date 07‐01‐2019


Closing Date 28‐01‐2019


Opening Date 10‐11‐2018


Camp Office Islamabad

Closing Date 29‐11‐2018


Opening Date 10‐11‐2018


Anchan Campus Skardu

Closing Date 29‐11‐2018


 Opening Date 10‐11‐2018


Project Director Office

Closing Date 29‐11‐2018


Opening Date 10‐11‐2018


Closing Date 29‐11‐2018


Opening Date 09‐11‐2018

Closing Date 24‐11‐2018


Opening Date 02‐11‐2018 


Closing Date 16‐11‐2018 


Opening Date 05‐09‐2018 

                  Closing Date 19‐09‐2018

 Opening Date08‐02‐2018


                   Closing Date14‐02‐2018

Opening Date08‐02‐2018  

                 Closing Date14‐02‐2018