2nd International Transdisciplinary Conference on "Language, Culture and Revival"

University of Baltistan Skardu hosted the Englishers 2nd International Transdisciplinary Conference on "Language, Culture and Revival".
The inaugural and opening sessions were graced by the renown academicians and scholars who graced the sessions held today.
The keynote speakers Dr Muhammad Shaban Rafi, Chairperson Ripha International University Islamabad, Mr Hasan Hasrat, Sheikh Ali Touheedi, Dr Nabila, Dr Zahid Chaudhry and Dr Muntazar Mehdi talked in detail on various linguistic and literary issues. Number of scholars presented their abstracts and shed light on their findings and procedures of their research.
Addressing to the participants Sheikh Touheedi said languages play vital role in religious, political and social fields if we learn the real usages of languages. He said Baltistan is practically and naturally a peaceful land where there is zero crime rate, we are the real depiction of patriotism where there is no instance separation movement as like other provinces of the country since 1948. He added that keeping in view the importance of the national language Urdu, University of Baltistan should establish the department of Urdu as soon as possible.
Addressing and highlighting the research findings and procedures of his publication Dr Muhammad Shaban Rafi elaborated the comparative study of the regional and the national languages in terms of Translanguaging as the culturally responsive pedagogy in teaching and learning English language. He scientifically proved that the indigenous languages structural similarities and differences that either impede or help in learning the languages.
Furthermore, Dr Nabila talked on the transforming humanity and true feelings through the language of love and affection mediating it to Tassawuf. She imperatively said that we should adopt the language of true feelings and love. She added that wearing veil has great honor and importance in Islamic societies but the real veil should worn on the human naked eyes that spoils human honor and dignity.
Dr Zahid Chaudhry from Taif University Saudi Arabia talked on the history of English language and the English as the colonized people. He highlighted the consequences of the downfall and the revival of the Britishers with reference to the factual and historical events and data.
Dr Allah Dad talked on the reflection of the sessions held today and appreciated the Englishers International team and the students and the faculty of the Department of Languages and Cultural Studies for hosting this mega academic and research based event at the university and also said that this mountain university may become the role model for other universities in future in terms of research activities like the current conference.
Moreover, Dr Muntazar Mehdi the President Englishers International defined the roles and responsibilities of the forum Englishers International LLL Pakistan in the academia. He highlighted the challenges being faced by the scholars in social sciences and expressed his determination that the forum members will surely reach to the peak of success if they think higher.
Ghulam Husan Lobsong talked on the structural study of Balti grammar in comparison with other languages. He briefly explain the salient features of Balti grammar that he had published earlier.
Addressing to the audience, Mr Hasan Hasrat talked on the historical perspectives of Balti civilization, literature, language and the sacrifices given by the people of Baltistan as the saviour of the country. He said that education, literature and culture are the true faces and the identities of the nations. He added that if a language holds a folktale for years and centuries, certain language never die. Balti language has the longest epic of the world literature that is Kesar.
Dr Zakir Hussain talked on the Balti Agay Script and also said that the university has constituted a committee comprising of local linguists and experts to produce a uniformed script. He said that the book will soon be published by the university.
Mr Abdul Rehman Mir member Englishers International and Mr Naseem Hasrat Lecturers of the Department of L&CS Uobs, Miss Shahida Coordinator Englishers, Miss Anisa Fatima student UoBS and Mr Manzoor Amin performed their responsibilities as Moderators of all the three sessions today.