Kowardo Cross

A huge "Cross" found in the highlands of Kavardo mountains, Baltistan (Null Hypothesis):
June 14, 2020 (Skardu, Baltistan, Pakistan).
A three-member expedition team from the University of Baltistan, Skardu, has discovered a surprise cultural heritage, a huge marble "cross" high up in the mountain ranges of Kavardo village in Baltistan, GB.
The Research & Expedition team under the leadership of Vice-Chancellor, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan, consisted of Director Academics, Dr. Zakir Hussain Zakir and Director External Linkages, Dr. Ishtiaq Hussain Mandooq, visited the mountain site to study the unique, rare ancient cross, in the company of some local villagers and mountain guides.
The huge cross of marble rock weighing more than 3-4 tons (approximately 7x6 feet in size) has been found some 2 Km from the base camp, high in the mountains of Kavardo village, Baltistan, overlooking the Indus River.
According to initial guestimates, this cross might be around 1800-1900 years old. Prof. Dr. Naeem Khan described the discovery of the cross as if "it has descended on Karakarums directly from the heavens & skies".
This is the first-ever evidence of a huge "holy" cross in Baltistan. Throughout centuries, the cross in its various shapes and forms was a symbol of various beliefs.
In pre-Christian times it was a pagan religious symbol throughout Europe and Western Asia.
Wajid Bhatti, a Ph.D. research scholar at QAU believes that "Kovardo Cross" is perhaps the biggest ever cross found in the sub-continent.
According to Wajid Bhatti, the "Kovardo Cross" perhaps belongs to early Christians of the Parthian dynasty. He is of opinion that Nestorian settlements in Northern Areas used to live and worship cross like this.
However, famous GB historian, Abbas Kazmi is of the view that the marble rock carving and cutting were practiced by royal artisans of Great Raja, Ali Sher Khan Anchan in the middle ages.
The exploration team speculates that perhaps the cross may give some clue to the missing link, the transition between the decline of Buddhism and the emergence of Islam in the Himalayan & Karakoram valleys.
The discovery further strengthens the diversity of the Himalayan & Karakoram valleys of Northern Pakistan having strong roots of Buddhism and Christianity for over 2000-2500 years. Islam in GB was only recently introduced by the Sufi Saints of Persia & Kashmir, some 700 years ago.
Dr. Zakir Hussain Zakir is of the opinion that the discovery of the cross in remote GB valley mountain, indicates the presence and visit of European travelers and missionaries in these valleys some 1900 years ago.
Vice-Chancellor said that the university will reach out to the European, North American universities & Churches and local historians to find out the exact date of cross carving from a huge rock boulder and to scientifically study & describe "Kovardo Cross" found in the Kovardo mountains of Baltistan, Pakistan.