Department of Tourism and Hospitality, UOBs organized a One Day Trekking and a Community Seminar on "Transforming Cognitive and Critical Abilities of Students in the context of objective Realities by Democratization of education and classrooms in Gilgit Baltistan" in collaboration with Critical Pakistan Initiative (International) in Organic Village Skardu. Miss Dur e Shahwar DTH, UOBs was leading the collaboration with CPII. In the seminar Mr Sohaib Khaliq (CPII) gave a lecture on the said topic in which he added " In 21st century without Democratization of Class rooms and education we can't transform the cognitive and critical thinking skills of students in our universities. Development of Critical thinking and cognitive abilities can make our standing in scientific community as a nation". During the Community Seminar Mr Sohaib also gave a Book Review on " How children Fail by John Holt". The concluding speech was given by Miss Dur e Shahwar in which she said " It is the dire need of time to build a Scientific Pakistan. She also added "In future Department of Tourism and Hospitality, Uobs will conduct 200 community seminars in Baltistan region in collaboration with CPII to create more and more awareness of Scientific Inquiry, Enlightenment and Student's Service's.
Moreover, In this collaboration UOBs and CPII also organized a session and "*Cleanliness and Community Awareness of Cleanliness with local Community" on the same day.