Study Tour/Field-based activities of Biological Science Department UOBS

As per past practice following the HEC prescribed curriculum and guidelines, Department of Biological Science University of Baltistan organized the field trip and study tour on Saturday 25th June 2022. The course instructors Dr. Alamdar Hussain, Dr. Muhammad Akbar Zaigham, Dr. Zafar Iqbal, Dr, Wajahat Ali, Dr. Nosheen, Dr. Kousar Parveen, Mr. Sajjad Hussain, Mr. Ali Raza, and Mr. Syed Murtaza Hussain along with more than 170 students visited Khaplu Saling areas of wetland, pounds and lakes, plantation sites, agricultural fields and nurseries, Conservation and protected areas, fish, and dairy farms. All subject specialists demonstrated field-based activities of their concerned subjects i.e., Ecology, Phycology, Fresh Water Biology, Animal Behavior, Aquaculture, Pathology, Environmental pollution, and Vegetation Ecology to the students. The subject wise activities are described as following.

Vegetation Ecology and Pathology

Under the supervision of Mr. Sajjad Hussian (Pathologist)the students collected soil samples for analysis for various sites in the area and plants for herbarium preparation as a part of the curriculum under. He also briefed identification and sample collection procedures of soil, air and water borne pathogens.

Entomology and Animal Behavior

Dr. Zafar Iqbal (Entomologist) briefed a group of students about the methods of insect collection from different sites like pounds, herbs, shrubs, orchard trees, the underside of a stone, and animal dungs. The reputed researcher also demonstrated field preservation methods of collected insect specimens to the students of interested domain. The major objective was to familiarize the students with the flora and ecology of the region. The effects of wind and water erosion leading to land degradation were also shown to students.

Aquaculture and Fresh water Biology

Dr. Nosheen and Dr. Kousar  (Environmentalist) visited the fish farm at Saling where they witness various fish farm practices. Students met the farm owner and gained information about numerous issues of pond construction, types of fish (species) and fish culture method, fish feed, sources of fishes for ponds water, fish process, and etc.). The owner also briefed on the aquaculture business. The students team witnessed Sailing wetland and got insight about wetland types, hydric soil, and wetland flora. Ecology

Dr. Alamdar Hussain (Ecologist) and Mr. Syed Murtaza Hussain (Physiologist) instructed a group of students about the ecology of the study area, flora of Saling, and collection of samples and estimation of flora using different techniques like quadrate method, line method, and pin method. During the activity, students paid full attention and served energy to seek practical knowledge and practical implementation of their academic learnings.


Dr. Muhammad Akbar Zaigham (Phycologist) explained main source, habitat and possible fresh water algal species and described the collection, preservation, and precautions methods. Highlighting the sample collection of fresh water algal species, course instructor   also selected some sites for sample collection and collected several samples along with the students. All collected samples were preserved in collection jars with sample cod and IDs for laboratory analysis meanwhile.


Dr. Wajahat Ali (Chemist) briefed the BS final year students on diverse topics. It included but not limited to research methodology, synopsis writing, thesis writing, paper writing, laboratory safety, and security rules, laboratory techniques, and the importance of medicinal plants. He trained the students in the plant extraction process and photochemistry for botany students. Dr. wajahat Ali also trained BS Zoology students how synthesis of bio-pesticides, bio-herbicides and water analysis are done.

Environmental Pollution  

Mr. Ali Raza (Biotechnologist) instructed a group of students about the Environmental Pollution of the study area. Land Pollution and water pollution observed in the study area spoiling the sustainability of the ecosystem. Students performed waste collection, segregation, and disposal process for waste found at the study area. Students also visited the fish farm with Mr. Ali Raza where they met the owner and questioned about the water source for the pond, environmental factors required for specific species of fish, etc.


They briefed the importance of the said subjects in accordance with the field-based activities and data collection protocols. They divided the students according to the subjects to collect samples and data. All the groups collected the data and samples according to the prescribed protocols. The instructors checked, labeled, and selected the collected samples for further identification and laboratory procedures.

The trip proved to be very useful, as they could relate the theoretical knowledge with the field observation. After the field, the team with the students reached Skardu in the late evening. Dr. Alamdar Hussain Senior Assistant Professor paid his gratitude to Dean NHS, HOD Biological Sciences, faculty all administration staff, and students to arrange the facilities for this important event.