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Short introduction

Dr. Munawwar Ali Abbas is from Skardu Baltistan. He completed his early education from Skardu. M.Sc and M.Phil in Mathematics from International Islamic University Islamabad and PhD in applied mathematics from Shanghai University China. Currently He is serving as assistant professor at University of Baltistan Skardu from 2017 to present.

Research Area

Newtonian and Non-Newtonian Fluid, Nano fluid, ANN, PSO,


Title and description of research projects/focus areas


·         Selected for research project entitledNumerical simulation of 3D Turbulent flow around high speed vehicleswith the collaboration of Tongji University China. Affiliation with UOBS. (In Progress)

·         Awarded start-up research Grant Optimization of Entropy Generation of MHD Peristaltic Flow of Nano Fluid by Using ANN and PSO By Higher Education Commission (HEC) of 0.5 million. Affiliation with UOBS, (In Progress)


  • Abbas, M. A., Bhatti, M. M., & Rashidi, M. M. Heat transfer on MHD stagnation point flow through a porous shrinking/stretching sheet: A numerical study. Thermal Science, 2019. SCI (Affiliation with UOBS Impact Fact=1.4)
  • M. Ali Abbas, Ibrahim Hussain, Correlation of Entropy Generation of Peristaltic flow of Nanofluid under the influence of MHD,(Affiliation With UOBS), IEEE Xplore, 2018.
  • Bhatti, M. M., Abbas, M. A., & Rashidi, M. M. (2016). Entropy Generation for Peristaltic Blood Flow with Casson Model and Consideration of Magnetohydrodynamics Effects. Walailak Journal of Science and Technology (WJST), (Affiliation With UOBS), 14(6), 451-461.
  • Ali Abbas, Bhatti, M.M, M. M. Rashidi, A robust numerical method for solving Stagnation point flow over apermeable shrinking sheet under the influence of MHD, Accepted, Applied Mathematics and Computation, 2018. (Affiliation with UOBS Impact Fact=3.1)
  • M. M. Rashidi,M.Ali Abbas,Effect of Slip Conditions and Entropy Generation Analysis with an Effective Prandtl Number Model on a Nanofluid Flow through a Stretching SheetEntropy,2017. SCI (Affiliation with UOBS Impact F=2.4).
  • M. M. Rashidi, Z Ghang, Bhatti, M.M, M.Ali Abbas, Heat and mass transfer analysis on mhd blood flow of casson fluid model due to peristaltic wave,  Thermal Science,  Accepted ,2016, SCI (Affiliation with UOBS ,Impact F=1.4).
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  • Rashidi, M. M., Bhatti, M. M., Abbas, M. A.,& Ali, M. E. S. Entropy Generation on MHD Blood Flow of Nanofluid Due to Peristaltic Waves. Entropy, 2016, 18(4), 117,SCI(Impact F=2.4).
  • Bhatti, M. M., &Abbas, M. A. Simultaneous effects of slip and MHD on peristaltic blood flow of Jeffrey fluid model through a porous medium. Alexandria Engineering Journal, SCI (Impact F=3.6).2016.
  • ABBAS, M. A., Bai, Y. Q., Rashidi, M. M., & Bhatti, M. M.Application of drug delivery in Magnetohydrodynamics peristaltic blood flow of nanofluid in a non-uniform channel. Journal of Mechanics in Medicine and Biology, 2015, 1650052, SCI (Impact F=0.75).
  • Abbas, M. A., Faraz, N., Bai, Y. Q., & Khan, Y. Analytical study of the non-orthogonal stagnation point flow of a micro polar fluid. Journal of King Saud University-Science,  SCI (Impact F=2.8). ,2017.
  • Qing, J., Bhatti, M. M., Abbas, M. A., Rashidi, M. M., & Ali, M. E. S. Entropy Generation on MHD Casson Nanofluid Flow over a Porous Stretching/Shrinking Surface. Entropy 2016, 18(4), 123, SCI (Impact F=2.4).
  • M.Ali Abbas, Bhatti, M.M, M. M. Rashidi, Peristaltic Blood flow of Ellis fluid through a nonuniform channel having compliant walls, Journal of nanofluid(ESCI), 6(2), 318-323, 2017.
  •  M. M. Rashidi, Z Ghang, Bhatti, M.M, M.Ali Abbas, HEAT AND MASS TRANSFER ANALYSIS ON MHD BLOOD FLOW OF CASSON FLUID MODEL DUE TO PERISTALTIC WAVE,  Thermal Science,  Accepted ,2016, SCI (Impact F=1.4).
  • Abbas, M. A., Bai, Y. Q., Bhatti, M. M., & Rashidi, M. M. (2016).Three dimensional peristaltic flow of hyperbolic tangent fluid in non-uniform channel having flexible walls. Alexandria Engineering Journal SCI (Impact F=3.6)2016, 55(1), 653-662.
  • M. M. BHATTI, M. ALI ABBAS, M. M. RASHIDI,Analytic study of drug delivery in peristaltically induced motion of non-Newtonian nanoFluid, Journal of nanofluid,(ESCI),  2016.
  • Bhatti, M. M., &Abbas, M. A, M. M. Rashidi,Combine effects of Magnetohydrodynamics (MHD) and partial slip on peristaltic Blood flow of Ree-Eyring fluid with wall properties. Engineering Science and Technology an InternationalJournal, (ESCI), 2016.


·         Serving as a Guest Editor for the Special Issue Challenges and Progresses in the Modelling of Entropy Generation in Fluid Mechanics, Heat Transfer and Porous Media by ENTROPY Journal.

·         Shanghai Government Scholarship for the doctoral studies, from 2013 to 2016.

·         Awarded a certificate of Outstanding Contribution in Reviewing from the journal of Computers in Biology and Medicine.


·         Participated in an International Conference “International Conference on applied mathematics” at LUMS Lahore, August, 2019.

·         Presented article in the International Conference on Computing, Mathematics and Engineering technologies at IBA University Sukkur, Pakistan, 3-4, March 2018.


  • Presented my article in the international conference at KIU University Gilgit entitled "Analysis of Regression and Correlation of Entropy Generation of Nanofluid in the MHD Peristaltic Flow". 2018


  • Participated in an International Conference “Joint ORSC/ EURO International Conference 2015 on Continuous Optimization” at Shanghai University, May 2015.


·         Awarded Certificate in The 2015 International Summer School on Naval Architecture, Ocean Engineering and Mechanics, Jul 26-Aug 09, 2015, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Shanghai.


·         Reviewer for the following journals.

·         Journal of nanofluid.

·         Entropy

·         journal of Brazilian chemical society

·         journal of Computers in Biology and Medicine.

·         Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering

·         Neural Computing and Applications

·         Advances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics


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Lab/Office Address

Department of Mathematics University of Baltistan Skardu, Kargil Road Hussain Abad Skardu.

Lab/Office Telephone

03442312630, 03555705107