Construction of Balti Museum and Girls Hostel


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Construction of Balti Museum and

Girls Hostel including Boundary Wall


University of Baltistan Skarduinvites Seal Bids from interested and well reputed Contractors/Joint venture of Contractors who: -


  1. Have valid Pakistan Engineering Council (PEC) license for Category C-3 and above.
  2. Have previously won and successfully completed Public Sector Projects primarily Building Works.
  3. Are registered with Govt/Semi Govt/autonomous departments &Tax authorities.


This Tender is invited on Single Stage – Two Envelope procedure.


Name of Work

Bid Security

Tender Fee

Estimated Cost

Construction of Balti Museum and

Girls Hostel including Boundary Wall

5 Million Call Deposit or Bank Guarantee from any Scheduled Bank in Pakistan


Rs. 226 M


Interested Firms may obtain tender documents from the Office of Treasurer, University of Baltistan, Hussain Abad Campus, Skardu, against the request letter on company letterhead appended with a Pay Order / Demand Draft amounting to Rs. 10,000/- as of Tender Fee (non-refundable) in favor of University of Baltistan Skardu on any working day during office hours after the date of publication of this advertisement till one day before Bid Submission date. Tender Document can also be downloaded from the website: or


A Pre-Bid Meeting is scheduled on 11 October 2021 at 1100 hours in the Conference Hall, UOBS, Hussain Abad, Skardu Campus to answer queries of the interested firms.


Interested Firms must submit their tender/bid along with all required documents prescribed in Volume-1 of the tender documents by 1100 hours on 22 Oct 2021inthe Conference Hall, UOBS, Hussain Abad, and Skardu. Tenders (Only Technical Bids)will be opened the same day at 1130 hours before the procurement committee of UoBS and participating contractors/firms or their authorized agents who intend to be present.


The Main Envelope of submittals must clearly state “Tender Documents for Construction of Balti Museum and Girls Hostel including Boundary Wall at University of Baltistan Skardu” inside of which Technical and Financial Proposal shall be present clearly marked separate envelope. No tender beyond specified date and time shall be accepted.In case any unforeseen situation resulting in closure of office on the date of opening or if the government declares Holiday the documents shall be submitted/opened on the next working day at the same time and venue.Applicants will be informed, in due course, of the result of the Technical Evaluation of applications. Only the financial bids of the Technically Qualified bidders shall be opened.

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Tender Committee, Hussain Abad Campus, UoBS

(Ph# 05815-960062)


Supply of LPG Gas & Other Items

Opening Date 17-10-2021

Closing Date 27-10-2021


Construction of Balti Museum and

Girls Hostel

Opening Date 11-10-2021

Closing Date 22-10-2021


Supply of Office Furniture & Fixture

Opening Date 05-10-2021

Closing Date 18-10-2021



Bid Evaluation Report - Package III


30 KVA Diesel Generator

Opening Date 15-09-2021

Closing Date 04-10-2021


Supply of IT Equipment

Opening Date 04-08-2021

Closing Date 24-08-2021

Supply of Office Stationery

Opening Date 24-08-2021

Closing Date 23-08-2021


Supply of Office Furniture

Opening Date 28-07-2021

Closing Date 23-08-2021


Tender for Canteen

Opening Date 19-07-2021

Closing Date 09-08-2021


Supply of 50 KV Diesel Generator

Opening Date 09-06-2021

Closing Date 25-06-2021



Package III tender Documents


Closing Date 28-06-2021

Technical Evaluation Report Package-III


Invitation for expression of interest (EOL)

Under Public Private Partnership (PPP)


Opening Date May-03-2021


Package III tender Documents


Opening Date April 18, 2021

 Closing Date May 08, 2021 03:00 pm


Supply of IT Equipment 

Opening Date May-04-2021

Closing Date May 20, 2021


Repairing of Hino Bus Model 2004

Opening Date 09-12-2020

Closing Date 24-12-2020



Bid Evaluation Report (Pckg2)

(prepared by the consultants

and duly checked by

'Technical Committee' )

Provision of LPG Gas & Other Items

Opening Date 20-10-2020

Closing Date 26-10-2020

Supply of Furniture and Fixture, Office Stationery, Repairing of Transports.

Opening Date 07-10-2020

Closing Date 24-10-2020

Opening 14th Sep, 2020

Time extension for 

financial bit opening

(civil works)

PPRA No:TS431113E

Last Date 21st   Sep, 2020


Opening Date 25-08-2020

Financial Bid of UoBS


Last Date 14-09-2020


Supply of IT  Equipment

Opening Date 07-09-2020

PPRA NO: TS430524E

Closing Date 29-09-2020


Supply of Equipment

Opening Date 07-09-2020


Closing Date 29-09-2020


Supply of Hardware Lab 

Opening Date 30-07-2020


Closing Date 17-08-2020


Petrol Generator 

Opening Date 30-07-2020

Closing Date 18-08-2020

 PPRA NO:TS427653E


House for Rent

Opening Date 23-06-2020

Closing Date 10-07-2020

Civil Works
Construction of Academic Building etc...

Opening Date 20/4/2020

PPRA No: TS420539E

Closing Date 11/5/2020

Tender for Generator

Opening Date 19-03-2020

PPRA No: TS418518E

Closing Date 06-04-2020


Tender for Canteen

Opening Date 05-03-2020

Closing Date 07-04-2020


Supply of Computer System

Opening Date 14‐10‐2019

PPRA Ref. No:TS402903E

Closing Date 30-10-2019


Tender for LPG Supply

Opening Date 10‐10‐2019

Closing Date 25-10-2019


Tender for Canteen Dr. IA Campus

Opening Date 01‐10‐2019

Closing Date 07-10-2019


Construction of Boundary Wall

Opening Date 19‐09‐2019

PPRA Ref No:TS400644E

Closing Date 08-10-2019


Part time consultant

Opening Date 05‐07‐2019

PPRA Ref No:TS394516E

Closing Date 22‐07‐2019


Required a Building 

Opening Date 12‐07‐2019

Closing Date 27‐07‐2019


Supply of Split AC Inverter

Opening Date 10‐06‐2019

PPRA Ref No:TS392564

Closing Date 26‐06‐2019


Repairing of Bus Body

Opening Date 03‐06‐2019

PPRA Ref No:TS391943

Closing Date 25‐06‐2019


Tender for Bus Tyre

Opening Date 03‐06‐2019

PPRA Ref No:TS391941

Closing Date 18‐06‐2019


 Room for Rent

Opening Date 08‐05‐2019

Closing Date 23‐05‐2019


Repairing of Bus Body

Opening Date 30‐04‐2019

Closing Date 19‐05‐2019

Supply of Chemicals and Glass ware

Opening Date 11‐03‐2019

Closing Date 27‐03‐2019

Canteen Main Campus

Opening Date 18‐02‐2019

Closing Date 05‐03‐2019


House for Rent

Opening Date 01‐02‐2019


Closing Date 15‐02‐2019


Pre-Fabricated Building

Opening Date 01‐02‐2019


Closing Date 16‐02‐2019


Furniture and Fixture

Opening Date 07‐01‐2019


Closing Date 28‐01‐2019


Machinery Equipment

Opening Date 07‐01‐2019


Closing Date 28‐01‐2019


Opening Date 10‐11‐2018


Camp Office Islamabad

Closing Date 29‐11‐2018


Opening Date 10‐11‐2018


Anchan Campus Skardu

Closing Date 29‐11‐2018


 Opening Date 10‐11‐2018


Project Director Office

Closing Date 29‐11‐2018


Opening Date 10‐11‐2018


Closing Date 29‐11‐2018


Opening Date 09‐11‐2018

Closing Date 24‐11‐2018


Opening Date 02‐11‐2018 


Closing Date 16‐11‐2018 


Opening Date 05‐09‐2018 

                  Closing Date 19‐09‐2018

 Opening Date08‐02‐2018


                   Closing Date14‐02‐2018

Opening Date08‐02‐2018  

                 Closing Date14‐02‐2018