Ehsas Scholarship

Dear Student

 Deed of Agreement is uploaded. Students are instructed to submit filled deed of Agreement (on Stamp paper) to City Campus Skardu by 7-7-2020. 


Download Deed of Agreement

Note: Each Page must be executed on stamp paper (Rs. 10), other papers not acceptable, type one side of paper only. This Affidavit needs to be submitted after final selection

Dr. Shafqat Hussain
 Office of Research, Innovation and Commercialization (ORIC)
Department of Chemistry
University of Baltistan, Skardu
Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan
Skype: shafqat.hussain901
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We are pleased to inform that you have been selected under Ehsaas Undergraduate Scholarship. For opening of NBP bank account and transfer of scholarship funds, HEC and National Bank of Pakistan require  following information on a given template for your CNIC verification on an immediate basis:

Note:Only those students who received email on their registered gmail id can process for NBP account. 




Name of University

Date of Birth

CNIC No (without dashes/13 digit)

Date of CNIC Issuance

Date of CNIC Expiry






e.g. 2001-05-22

e.g. 1234567890123

e.g. 01-Jan-2000

e.g. 01-Jan-2000



Please  fill and email the  information at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  today positively.

Once your bank account  is opened, you will activate your NBP  account after  visiting respective NBP branch which will be shared later. On activation of account , your scholarship  funds will be transferred by HEC.



Important Note: Such  students who do not have valid CNIC , only B form are also required to inform at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. about unavailability of CNIC.

(CNIC of Brother/Sister/Mother/Father/Uncles etc. ) will NOT be acceptable.


Application ID Name of the Candidate  Father Name Class /Program
26340 Shahida  Batool Akbar Hussain Chemistry
39410 Zulfiqar  Ali Muhammad Business Administration
20909 Abbas  Sarfraz Muhammad Aslam Chemistry
23541 Muhammad  Ibrahim Ali Chemistry
24785 Muhammad  Ishaq Ibrahim Computer Science
29151 Wazir Munawar Hussain Wazir Ghulam Mehdi Business Administration & Management
30569 Sughra  Sughra Muhammad Education
36709 Jamsheed  Ali Taifoor Shah Business Administration
25098 Noreen  Rizvi Syed Ali Shah Business Administration
28257 SAJIDA - - MUHAMMAD Chemistry
34002 Fida  Hussain Musa Ali Computer Science
27025 Muhammad  Irfan Muhammad Iqbal Computer Science
41797 Basharat  Ali Ali Hussain Computer Science
33295 Huda  Zainab Muhammad Kazim  Mathematics
23005 Asma  Asma Muhammad Ibrahim Business Administration
25131 Ghulam  Raza Mehdi Business Administration & Management
27743 syeda sajida batool syed Mehdi shah Chemistry
30528 Inayat  Ali Musa Computer Science
269469 Mairaj Ali  Ali Education
34432 saira  batool ashraf hussain Computer Science
49599 lubna  maryam zafar iqbal Biological Sciences
29026 Niaz  Hussain Muhammad Hussain Applied Zoology
29164 Sajida  Batool Muhammad Nazir Education
38524 Neelam  Zahra ilyas Botany
32292 Basharat  Ali Muhammad ali Education
30316 Muhammad  Ali Muhammad Azim Applied Biological Sciences
209965 Nasir  Hussain Jaffar Ali Mathematics
28405 Yousuf  Ali Qurban Ali Mathematics
24425 Darain  Fatima Muhammad Abbas Mathematics
5400 Gazanfar  Abbas Asghar Ali English
28520 Ashraf  Hussain Abdul Karim Applied Linguistics
21965 Tahira ishaq ishaq ishaq Computer and Information Sciences
223419 Zahid  Ali Ghulam Ali Computer Science
294248 zahid  hussain Ghulam Mehdi Market Research
28507 Musarrat  Bilqees kosar ali Education
25170 Najaf  Ali Ghulam Ali Applied Zoology
24875 Mustafa  Ali Sulaiman Mathematics
28451 Anila  Batool Ahmed Hassan Languages & Literature
30701 Muhammad  Tahir Abdullah Zoology
26201 Syeda Shehnaz Faitma Syed Iqbal Raza Languages & Literature
28745 Sabika  Zehra Muhammad Aslam English
27160 Ghadira  Maryam Muhammad Ali English
26474 Anisa  Fatima Ghulam Mehdi English
39485 Sabira Kiran Ghulam Muhammad Education
32534 Nasir  Hussain Muhammad Hussain Chemistry
27924 Syeda  Sabira Syed Hassan Shah Educational Development
40216 Nobia  Batool Sher Muhammad Chemistry
28550 Anila  Roshni Zakir Hussain Education
24571 SUMAIRA  HASSAN Muhammad Hassan Education
23705 Javeria  . Muhammad Hussain Chemistry
26631 Sughra Fatima Aziz Ali Muhammad Chemistry
28206 Aqeela  Maryum Ghulam Haider Chemistry
206081 Batool   Mirza Hussain Chemistry
24660 Ambreen  Ali Ali Khan Zoology
30104 Samreen  Fatima Kousar Hussain English Literature
26621 Syeda  Fatima Syed Mohammad Ali Shah rizvi Chemistry
27312 Syeda  maimona Syed Hadi Botany , Zoology, Chemistry
23509 Iftikhar  Hussain Yousuf Zoology
28321 Mehwish  Kareem Abdul karim Mathematics
26638 Muhammad  Anwar Nisar Hussain Chemistry
33029 Nusrat  Fatima Ali Muhammad Education
287631 Naila  Batool Muhammad Ali Education
38425 siddiqa  batoll Guhlam Ali Education
26836 Taiba  Kousar Muhammad Hassan Sohrab Zoology
26558 Laila  Ali Ali Applied Biological Sciences
29267 hasnain  hasnain Ghulam Rasool Business Administration & Management
24984 Kumail  Abbas Ghulam Abbas Mathematics
26603 Zakir  Hussain Wazir Muhammad Ali Mathematics
27706 Kulsoom  Hakimi Ghulam Muhammad Hakimi Applied Chemistry and Chemical Technology
278206 Juma  Ali Niamat Khan Education
38692 Shujaat  Ali Qalbi Education
37280 Marzia  Rabbani shamshair ali Education
34842 sikandar  zulqarnain Muhammad Ibrahim Education
34213 Irfan  Ali F Education
36481 Baseer  Abbas Ayoub Education
37223 Zahida  Nabi Ghulam Nabi Education
29281 syed  sadaqat syed muhammad shah Education
24505 Manzoor  Hussain Ghulam Ali Zoology
34402 Habib  hassan Hassan khan Mathematics
20455 Akhter  Hussain Bashir Ahmed English
39451 Munawar  Ali Ali Manzoor Computer Science
38651 wajahat  ali Muhammad ibrahim Education
42341 Rukhsana  Batool Muhammad Educational Development
21970 Safura  Batool Muhammad Hassan Zoology
267853 MUZAFFAR  ALI GHULAM MUHAMMAD Business Administration & Management
216470 Mubarak  Ali Muhammad Ali Business Administration & Management
29815 Muhammad  Atif Ghulam Muhammad Mathematics
27005 Ali Ahmed Jan Ghulam Muhammad English Literature
32303 Fakhira  Batool Muhammad Kazim English Literature
73937 Muhammad  Sikandar Muhammad Qurban Business Administration & Management
30427 Sajida  Batool Ghulam Raza Chemistry
30578 Naseem  Abbas Ghulam Abbas Chemistry
84562 Abida  Bano Ghulam Hussain Education
23029 Syed Zulfiqar  Ali Syed Ali Applied Zoology
73493 Mohsin  Ali Ghulam Haider Business Administration
34121 Benish  Fatima Ghulam Abbas Business Administration
261876 Nawazish  Ali Mancho Business Administration
28282 sabir  ali Ghulam Mathematics
27293 Ashraf  Hussain Ghulam Ali Mathematics
27910 Akbar  Ali Hussain Mathematics
27614 Mumtaz  Ali Ghulam Ali Mathematics
26265 Syed Dilawar Hussain Syed Talib Shah Chemistry
26526 Ijlal  Hussain Ghulam Mehdi Chemistry
28185 Afsana  Batool Fazil Hussain Chemistry
20762 Zakir  Ali Ghulam Ali Education
31509 Noreen  Batool Muhammad Raza Education
28014 Joza  Batool Ghulam Hassan Educational Development
31305 Azmat  Batool Ghulam Abbas Zoology
24998 Nadeem  Sarwar Akbar Hameed Business Administration
26807 Nazir  Ahmed Ghulam Hussain Business Administration
237398 Muhammad  Anwar Muhammad Hussain Management
71746 Sajida  Batool Muhammad Hassan Business Administration & Management
25585 Azra  Batool Akhtar Hussain Mathematics
49042 Ali  raza Muhammad Hassan Mathematics
32434 Madiha  Batool Javed Ali Biological Sciences
34461 Muhammad  Hadi Ghulam Muhammad Mathematics
35007 Syed Muhammad Jawahir Syed Mukhtar Mathematics
25030 Ashiq  Hussain Muhammad Mathematics
24566 Nazia  batool Muhammad hussain English
37187 Shehnaz  Batool Basharat Hussain Chemistry
32167 Syed Inayat Ali Syed Ali Chemistry
27902 Imtiaz  Ali Muhammad Ali Computer Science
21334 Taj  Gul Abid Hussain Applied Zoology
36737 Abdul  Hafeez Abdul Hameed Business Administration & Management
20212 Zehra  Batool Hussain Zoology
71500 Wali  Khan Wasal Business Administration & Management
73587 Saqlain  Mushtaq Muhammad Ilyas Business Administration & Management
27203 Nasreen Fatima Kubra Nisar Hussain Linguistics
242399 kaneez  hajira akbar ali Computer & Information Technology
260425 Nadia  Kosar Muhammad Ali Education
277674 Khalida  Kosar Muhammad Abbas Education
222785 Muhammad  Abbas Muhammad Taqi Education
29270 Hidayat  Ali Wilayat Ali Business Administration
21357 Fakhira  Batool Haji Essa Khan Applied Botany
18984 Irum  Fatima Ghulam Muhammad Zoology
18784 Samreen  Fatima Mohammad Taqi Biological Sciences
13963 Muhammad  Ibrahim Yousuf Zoology
4988 Roqia  Rani Fida Hussain Zoology
28276 Shehnaz  Gul Muhammad Ali Zoology
28589 ZAKIR  HUSSAIN MANZOOR HUSSAIN Banking and Finance
23784 Imtiaz Ali roohi Muhammad Baqir Botany
22182 Wazir Muhammad Amir Sharif Hussain Business Administration
26373 Muhammad  Aqeel Muhammad Baqir Business Administration & Management
244038 syeda  khalida syed karamat hussain Botany , Zoology, Chemistry
241147 Mujahid  Hussain Muhammad Baqir Accounting & Finance
56554 Noor  Ali Shakoor Ali Mathematics
30825 sajeela  . yahya saleem Mathematics
39416 Arif  Hussain Mehdi Hassan Chemistry
26636 Sanaullah  Khan Muhammad Hussain Chemistry
33712 Muhammad  Hayat Muhammad Jawad Computer Science
37889 Amerah  Amerah Muhammad Ismail Education
18266 Kumail  Abbas Muhammad Hassan Education
19253 Fatima  Samad Abdul Samad Applied Botany
32925 Bilqees  Sana Sanaullah Applied Zoology
28779 Maryam  Khatoon Abdur Rahim Biology
207223 Tahmina  Ali Ali Muhammad Zoology
30071 Atiya  Batool Ghulam Muhammad Applied Botany
57273 Muhammad  Yaseen Ghulam Muhammad Botanical Sciences
25205 Muhammad  Raza Essa Ali Business Administration
19669 Munir  Ahmad Rozi Ali Business Administration & Management
52816 Muhammad  Kazim Hussain Business Administration
33117 Muhammad  Nadeem Muhammad Nawaz Business Administration
30388 Sumera  Maryam Muhammad Taqi Mathematics
70577 Rizwan  Ali Ahmed Hassan Chemistry
44774 Syed Tanveer Haider Syed Ahmed Chemistry
25364 Muhammad  Nawaz Ghulam Abbas Computer Science
20705 SAMREEN  FATIMA Ashraf Hussain Applied Zoology
24544 Maryam  Muzaffari Ali Raza Muzaffari Applied Zoology
26575 khadima ------- ------- ALI SHAH Zoology
45393 Murtaza  Hussain Hussain Zoology
26878 Marym  Begum Syed Habib Shah Business Administration & Management
31533 Muhammad  Mussa Abd-ur-Rahim Mathematics
24761 shahida  batool muhammad zaheer Chemistry
33971 Naila  Batool Muhammad Baqir Education
18474 Zakir  Ali Ibrahim Computer Science
27298 saira  batool abdul rahim Zoological Sciences
46561 Fatima  Batool Muhammad Kazim Botany
45292 Kacho Zahid Hussain Kacho Ghulam Muhammad Biological Sciences
51986 Israr Hassan Shapavi Hassan Shah Business Administration
275661 Kainat  maryum Abdul Karim Business Administration
28546 Nasir  Hussain Shair Muhammad Linguistics
278790 Kaneez  Fatima Muhammad Sadiq Business Administration & Management
32567 Abida  Batool Ghulam Abbas Banking
36004 Abid  Hussain Ashraf Hussain Accountancy and Finance
31596 Muhammad Essa  Noori Ali Ahmed Mathematics
33269 Maryam  Muqadas Ashraf Hussain Chemistry
273506 Sajid  Hussain Abid Hussian communication & information technology
30843 Muhammad  Kazim Muhammad Hassan Computer Science
46277 Zahid  Hussain Fida Muhammad Computer Science
279175 Sakina  Bano Ghulam Muhammad Education
245414 Razia  Hussain Hussain Education
274295 Konain  Fatima Muhammad Botany
246952 Saliha  Batool Abdul Karim Applied Botany
32196 Muhammad  Anwar Hassan Applied Botany
27156 Muhammad  Amir Ghulam Raza Engineering and Applied Sciences
18666 Aalia  - Ghulam Abbas Mathematics
26652 abideen  ali ali khan Zoology
13769 Karamat  Ali Ghulam Nabi Computer Science
35052 Zulfiqar  Ali Ghulam Ali Computer Science
94564 Masooma  Batool Ali muhammad Educational Development
35311 Rubina  khatoon Kazim Educational Development
26692 Sheher  Bano Mirza Khan Zoology
29349 Shabana  Irum Hasnain Rafi Khan Business Administration
251914 Sajid  Ali Muhammad Kazim Accounting
28180 Marzia  Batool Muhammad Yaqoob Chemistry
28099 Taiba  Batool Muhammad Hussain Chemistry
234638 Ali  Raza ibrahim Computer Science
18434 Mairaj  Ahmad Muhammad Sadiq English
38093 Muslim Hussain Afzal Wazir Ghulam Nabi English
19120 Naila  Mukhtar Mukhtar Hussain Mathematics
28199 Basit  Hussain Akhtar Hussain English
278969 Nazira  Batool Nisar Hussain Education
23185 Sumaira  Jabeen Muhammad Yousuf Computer Science
30299 Ahmad  Cho Muhammad English
20262 javeriya  maryam muhammad hassan English
28425 Asif  Nawaz Sulaiman English
26437 Muhammad  Yousuf Muhammad English
28963 Muhammad  Shahbaz Muhammad Bashir Business Administration & Management
24616 Rubab  Mehdi Mehdi Ali Computer Science & Information Technology
34647 Muzammil  Hussain Fazil Ali English
24868 Adnan  Haider Muhammad Musa English
43561 Mamoona  Batool Muhammad Hassan Mathematics
264264 Mohsin  Abbas Ghulam Haider Mathematics
22990 aima  batool mirza altaf hussain English
9990 sajjad  hussain Ghulam mehdi English
14611 Kifayat  Ali Bakhtawari English
30356 Syed Ali Shah Syed Akbar Shah English
15113 Azhar Hussain Imrani Sajjad Hussain English
26113 Madiha  Batool Muhammad Ibrahim Mathematics
25849 Nabila  Batool Bashir Ahmad Mathematics
26599 Shabana  Batool Ghulam Mehdi English
28627 Fida  Hussain Musa English
24748 Amina  Batool Fida Hussain Mathematics
20340 Fatima  Batool Hussain English
272275 Nazia  Batool Salman English
238679 Jafar  hussain Muhammad Hussain Education
26444 Shabbir  Yousuf Muhammad Yousuf Mathematics
46481 Saeeda  Anjum Muhammad Taqi Mathematics
208420 Zehra  Batool Muhammad Abdullah Mathematics
24897 Tanveer  Hussain Zakir Hussain Mathematics
30195 Zahra  Bano Mehdi Hassan Biology
24645 Ahmad  Ali Muhammad Ali Chemistry