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Short introduction

Dr. Talib Hussain is an Assistant Professor of marketing management at the Department of Business Management and Commerce, University of Baltistan, Skardu. Dr. Talib got his Ph.D. degree in marketing management from top world ranked (25th In QS-Times world ranking and NO. 1 in Asia) business school of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, with a gold medal. His dissertation was awarded as an excellent dissertation of the year as compared to many thousand dissertations. His dissertation is already published in internationally recognized academic journals. He also won Excellent Student Award, Dean List Award, and China Scholarship Council International Excellent Student Award during his Ph.D. studies along with 0.65 million PKR as a cash award. He has done his M.Phil from the top reputed business school of Pakistan, SZABIST, Karachi. He also toped Karakoram Board two times and won a country level presidential award for academic excellence. He has many years of teaching, research, and management experience in different organizations. Before joining UOBS, he served; AIN, ZDF, UOK, and KIU. He served; Al-Asr Institutional network as management faculty. He has more than 2 years’ experience as an internal audit manager at Zainab Duty Free, Jinnah International Airport Karachi, where more than 25000 employees were supervised. Dr. Talib also served the University of Karachi as a research advisor for a short time period. He also served Karakoram International University as a lecturer for more than 2 years. He is known as a young researcher in business education. His interest area is consumer behavior, tourism marketing management, sustainable development, social media marketing, digital marketing, gray marketing, and corporate social responsibility. He has special expertise in business research methods. He already published more than 15 research articles in internationally reputed journals, including, SSCI, SCI, and HEC recognized journals. Dr. Talib’s research got international recognition, and many worlds well known researchers already used his research for valid citations. Dr. Talib has built many academic international linkages. He is currently working in different topics of marketing management with some world know professors of the UK, China, and the USA and got many research collaborations.  Dr. Talib is reviewer and editorial board member of many international recognized academic journals. Currently, he is teaching marketing related subjects and acting as a convener for exam conduct and supervising Master thesis for department of business management and commerce, UOBS.


Marketing Management; Supply Chain Management, Consumer Behavior


Title and description of research projects/focus areas

Supply Chain Management in Hard Areas




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·         Ali, Sajjad; Hussain, Talib; Goiliang, Zhang; Nurunnabi, Muhammad; Li, Benqian, The Implementation of Sustainable Development Goals in “BRICS” countries, MDPI, Sustainability, 2018, 10, 2513. SSCI and SCI

·         Ze Ye, Hassan Abbas; Hussain, Talib; Jiao, He; Analyzing the Differentiation Strategies of Big Companies Competing With Each Other; Strategic Management International Journal of Strategic Management and Decision Support Systems in Strategic Management, 2018, Vol. 23, No. 3; Page: 25-37   ESCI (HEC recognized)

Ongoing and in review articles for high ranked journals affiliated with University of Baltistan

·         Hussain, Talib; Hussain Shahid; Measuring tourist intentions in tourism process- A mathematical AHP based modeling, Quality & Quantity, Index (SSCI, SCI),

·         Hussain, Talib, and Ali Sajjad, measuring factors affecting country relations- An application through Mathematical Model, Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, Index (SSCI, SCI)

·         Hussain, Talib, Hussain Shahid and Mohammad, Nurunabi, Social media features for tourism process, Journal of Tourism perspectives (SSCI journal).

·         Hussain, Talib, Hussain  Shahid and Sajjad Ali, Use of Social Media for tourism process, A case of rural Mountain region in Pakistan, JISSR, NED University, Karachi (HEC recognized journal)

Conference Papers presented

·         Hussain, Talib and Benqian Li, 2016 International Forum on New Media cosponsored by School of Media and Design, International Communication Association (ICA).  Title: Who is winner for Media Products Services? A study for America, China, India and Pakistan-Image building Strategic Solutions for Future Challenges, October 15 2016

·         Hussain, Taliband Benqian Li, ICRPE 2017, Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad, Quality in Higher Education- attitudes and responses

·         Hussain, Talib, Dake Wang, Benqian Li, social, political and economic implications of china’s new silk road, 7th International Conference on Social Sciences-Challenges of Globalization on Afro-Asian Countries DREAMS - ASSESSING CPEC FOR CHINA AND PAKISTAN, 2018

·         Hussain Talib, Social media use for sustainable mountain tourism, International conference in Mountaineering and Eco-Tourism, KIU Gilgit,2019


Research Funding

•           Successfully conducted study about Chinese cultural and media products propagations study internationally funded by SJTU.

•           Supported the study about social media role for countryside development

Professional Achievements and Awards

·         Excellent PhD dissertation award by Ministry of Education

·         Awards for Excellent International Student by China Central Government 2018, 0.5 Million PKR

·         Excellent International student award by Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2017

·         Excellent academic award- Dean list by SMD Shanghai Jiao Tong University, 2016

·         Achieved presidential award for academic excellence all over Pakistan in the year 2008-2009

·         Bachelor board topper certificate of KIU board 2007 and 2008


Research Projects and International Collaborations

·         HEC funded research project 2.7 million PKR for Police Audit and Policy Tool Kit of GB police- a combine project of Gilgit-Baltistan Police and Karakoram International University.

·         Working with Professor Mohammad Nurunabi, Oxford University, UK

Reviewer of SSCI and HEC journal and Member of editorial board

·         SSCI journal sustainability, MDPI

·         Editorial member and reviewer of JISSR NED Journal

·         Editorial member International Journal of Sustainability Management and Information Technologies


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Anchuan Campus UOBS

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