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Short introduction

Dr. Shahid Hussain Khoja has completed his Ph.D. degree in HRM from Dalian University of Technology, Dalian China, under China Scholarship Council (CSC) fellowship. Dr. Shahid has recently joined University of Baltistan, Skardu as an Assistant Professor in the department of Business Management. Dr. Shahid is an Assistant Professor of human resource management with supervising, research and teaching experiences in human resource management, management, performance management and strategic management. His research focuses on human recourse management, sustainable development, community participation, etc. He has very good knowledge in partial least squares structural equation modeling and related methods. His research has been published in journals including Journal of Construction Engineering and Management and other international journal indexed with Web of Science – Clarivate. Dr. Shahid is also a reviewer of well reputed international journals such as IEEE assess, human resource management review, journal of cleaner production etc. He has more than 12 papers (SSCI/SCI) published in refereed academic journals to his credit.

Dr. Shahid is Convener Committee for Graduate Research in Business Management department and Convener for Advisory Committee in University of Baltistan, Skardu. He has also worked in Dalian University of Technology, Dalian China where he served as research assistant for almost one and half years. He is also supervising Master research thesis.


HRM, human resource skills, Performance, community participation, etc


Title and description of research projects/focus areas


Human Resource Management


1-      Shahid Hussain.; FangWei, Zhu.; Ali Zaigham, Examining the Influence of Construction Projects Quality Factors on Client Satisfaction: A Partial Least Square Structural Equation Modeling, dJournal of Construction Engineering & Management (SCI_IF_2.72)­ this paper has been published @ University of Baltistan Nmae.


2-      Shahid Hussain.; Fangwei, Zhu.; Siddiqi, A.F.; Ali, Z.; Shabbir, M.S. Structural Equation Model for Evaluating Factors Affecting Quality of Social Infrastructure Projects. Sustainability 2018, 10, 1415. (SCI_IF_2.592)

3-      Shahid Hussain.; FangWei, Zhu.; Ali, Z.; Xu, X. Rural Residents ’ Perception of Construction Project Delays in Pakistan. Sustainability 2017, 9, 1–16. (SCI_IF_2.592)

4-      Ali Zaigham.; FangWei, Zhu.; Shahid Hussain. Risk Assessment of Ex-post Transaction Cost in Construction Projects Using Structural Equation Modeling. Sustainability2018, 10, 4017. (SCI_IF_2.592).

5-      Shahid Hussain.; FangweiZhu.; Ali, Z.; Aslam, H.; Hussain, A. Critical Delaying Factors: Public Sector Building Projects in Gilgit-Baltistan, Pakistan. Buildings 2018, 8, 157. (ESCI).

6-      Ali Zaigham.; FangWei, Zhu.; Shahid Hussain. Identification and Assessment of Uncertainty Factors that Influence the Transaction Cost in Public-Sector Construction Projects in Pakistan Buildings 2018, 8,157. (ESCI).


7-      Hussain, Talib; Hussain Shahid; Measuring tourist intentions in tourism process- A mathematical AHP based modeling, Quality & Quantity, Index (SSCI, SCI)


8-      Hussain, Talib, Hussain Shahid and Ali Sajjad, measuring factors affecting country relations- An application through Mathematical Model, Indian Journal of Pure and Applied Mathematics, My contribution, Index (SSCI, SCI)

9-      Hussain, Talib, Hussain Shahid and Mohammad, Nurunabi, Social media features for tourism process, Journal of Tourism perspectives (SSCI journal).


HEC recognized journal

10-  Hussain, Talib, Hussain  Shahid and Sajjad Ali, Use of Social Media for tourism process, A case of rural Mountain region in Pakistan, JISSR, NED University, Karachi (HEC recognized journal)



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