Offered Programs

 Offered Programs 

Department of Educational Development, committed to produce quality teachers, teacher educators and educational leaders presently offers two degree programs of BS Education with degree title B.Ed (hons) and MA Education.

BS Education/B.Ed (hons)

Professional education needs lifetime commitment and intensive training. Generally in Pakistani education system professional degree is confirmed on completion of four years education after intermediate such as the engineering, medical and law professions, in keeping with the tradition of professional education, the four year program B.Ed. (Hons) was planned and offered by the Higher Education commission, (HEC) Pakistan.

In order to make teaching a profession of choice, B.Ed. (12+4) program offers pedagogical competence in teaching profession that ensures quality teaching and learning in schools. A teacher in the classroom needs to be competent in the content areas as well as in teaching strategies in order to ensure expected student learning outcomes. As in any profession teachers should be provided the opportunity to practice teaching through interacting with the school and community. In the clinical model of developing teachers as professionals, it is important for that prospective teacher to gain adequate insight into the ground realities of school and classrooms through their attachments in schools and communities. This rich experience of practice enables prospective teachers to bring a positive attitude in classroom teaching and understanding a plurality of cultures.

Practice teaching is a major and joint responsibility of teacher training institutions, schools involving teacher educators, prospective teachers and school teachers. Inclusion of short term training with long term teaching practice will provide an opportunity to prospective teachers to extend their role in the school situation other than classroom teaching. During their short term teaching practice, prospective teachers can be engaged in administrative activities under supervision such as maintenance of school records and registers, management of laboratories and library, preparation of tests and assignments, admission and selection of students and classroom management, etc.

Planning and carrying out an action research activity, engaging in courses like critical thinking and reflective practices, studying contemporary issues and trends in education and involvement of prospective teachers in practical/field work would greatly reduce isolation of the teacher and will develop the habit of inquiry into practice. This breakthrough is expected to facilitate the process of multiculturalism and pluralism in our education system to bring about social transformation in the society.

Hence, a blend of content and pedagogical courses has been provided in the scheme of studies the two years of graduate courses and two years long professional courses to prepare prospective teachers as professionals in education.


MA Education

The MA Education (2 years) degree program is the most popular program for the BA/BSc graduates aspiring for teaching profession. As the one year B.Ed. program has been closed by HEC in 2016. Now entry to teaching profession requires Associate Degree in Education-ADE or 4 years BS Education/ B.Ed (hons.) program after intermediate. Lateral entry to B.Ed (hons.) in 5th semester is limited to ADE graduates only.Need of professionally trained teachers is increasing day by day.Presently in Gilgit-Baltistanthere are only three elementary colleges producing ADE while the Karakoram International University and the University of Baltistan are offering four years B.Ed (hons)Elementary program.Hence, MA Education remains the only opportunity of professional qualification for pedagogical orientation to BA/B.Sc passed graduates.

B.A./B.Scand MA/MSc graduates are better optionsfor secondary teachersin terms of content competency as compared to ADE graduates, but they need professional qualification to become professionally sound teachers and presently the only option is MA Education.

Due to these reasons,admission in MA Education has become the first choice of 115 applicants at University of Baltistan andabout 80% of the applicants are females.

Keeping in view the demands and needs of modern teaching profession, the MA Education program offers professional orientation is core subjects, professional subjects, use of technology, content and methodology of teaching subjects, and specialized subjects including Early Childhood Education.