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Skills Development Programs



مثال ِگوہرِ نایاب ہم پتھر میں رہتے ہیں

  • Gems Cutting and Polishing (3 months Short Course)
  • Chinese Language (3 months Beginners Course)
  • Balti Agay/Yige Script (བལ་ཏི་འི་གེ་) (3 months Short Course)


Note: The University of Baltistan, Skardu has decided to extend the last date of form submission for “Skills Development Programs”, advertised on September 25, 2020.
Last date of form submission has been extended from October 05, 2020 to October 10, 2020.

Admission forms are available from the Skills Development Office, School of Tourism and Hospitality University of Baltistan near Army Public School Skardu. Further details and online Admission Forms are also available on the university website: ;

Click the following link to fill online form


Contact Office: 05815-960066; Cell No. 03448866814

Qualification: Middle Pass

Last date of form submission: October 10, 2020 


Gems Cutting and Polishing

Gilgit-Baltistan surrounded by three mighty mountain ranges of the Himalayas, the Karakoram and the Hindukush has an enormous treasure of precious, semi-precious gemstones and valuable minerals, underexplored and under-tapped for the socio-economic wellbeing of the people and nation. Sustainable mining and value addition of gems could boost up the local economy contributing to national GDP growth. The major precious gems of Baltistan are Topaz, Aquamarine, Tourmaline, Ruby, varieties of quartz, etc. In minerals highly prospective deposits of gold anomalies, copper, chromium, iron, antimony, and compounds of several other heavy metals are found. The present mining practices of gems is highly risky, un-professional and degradative without professional Standard Procedures (SoPs) and applicable policy.


University of Baltistan being the highest institution of learning, in collaboration with line departments and organizations, plans to promote safe and sustainable mining, gems value addition and international marketing of gems through policy dialogues, Skills Development Courses and training and business incubation initiatives.

Process Sequence and Levels

The university desires to start the aspired initiatives from the grass root level with the community and with skills development of the labor miners, collectors, primary buyers, brokers, secondary buyers, training institutions, jewelers leading to the national and international Gems market.

There will be four levels of Skills Development and training:

Basics (Certificate Courses): Basic how know including general identification of common gems and mineral found in surroundings, cutting and polishing techniques, tumbling of semi-precious stones, basic precautionary measures for mining. There will be two levels of Basic Certificate courses: Short Courses of 3 months, Certificate Courses of six months. We plan to start from the short course, that can be extended to six months Certificate Course with further detailed practical and field-based training.

Secondary (Diploma Courses): Gems identification through scientific techniques, cutting, faceting, polishing for jewelry purpose, identification of rock from mineral oxides, sulfates and other raw compounds, professional mining, leasing, local and national market demands, psychological dimensions of gems,

Advanced (Degree Course): Value addition techniques, laboratory-based identification at the micro-level, healing and radiation properties, international market demands, finishing, minerals purification and isolation techniques, investment in mining and value addition, minerals extraction.

Research Level (Research Courses): Knowledge generation through laboratory-based experimentations in innovative value additions, real purification and isolation of precious minerals such as gold, titanium, from its compounds, international marketing, supply chain. Work on hi-tech industrial minerals,



Chinese Language

Chinese Language being the international and native language of the biggest population of the world is also the language of our neighbor country China and hence the key communication medium of CPEC. Realizing the market need and importance of this language, the University of Baltistan will be gradually offering different levels of Chinese Language starting with a short course of 3 months for beginners.  Different levels of HSK-1 to 5 will be offered at later stages.


Balti Agay/Yige Script (བལ་ཏི་འི་གེ་)

The University of Baltistan is committed to preserve and promote the cultural heritage of the region. Language being the major career of intangible cultural heritage is the mirror of any culture. Balti language, the mother tongue of about 93% of the population of Baltistan, has its unique Tibetan script known as Balti Agay/Yige Script (བལ་ཏི་འི་གེ་) written from left to right. The revitalization of this script in Baltistan has huge academic and cultural significance. Though a very different script (orthography), Agay is very easy for native speakers as they can write what they wish to say phonetically. The university offers 3 months short course in basic Agay/Yige script.

Duration of Short Courses: 3 moths

Fee Structure:

  • Gems Training PKR 30, 000 (200 USD)
  • Chinese Language PKR 20,000
  • Balti Agay/Yige PKR 10,000

Fee Concession will be allowed to students and special persons.