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UoBS switches to Online Classes due to COVID-19 

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan

Vice Chancellor, UOBS

In the light of rising concerns about of COVID-19, University of Baltistan has shut down in-person classes and switched to teaching online courses to avoid rampant catastrophe of novel coronavirus in the region of Gilgit-Baltistan.

The initiative of virtual classes has two major objectives: the first one is, to save the students from coronavirus infections and the second one is, a smooth continuation of educational activity. To accomplish both these objectives, the heads of all the departments have been directed to maintain the record of virtual classes, digital readings, and AV (Audio Video) lectures with the help of IT team. The worthy Vice-Chancellor Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan is in touch with the faculty and chairperson through whatsApp groups and emailing to ensure the quality of virtual teaching.

On (Day and date), honorable VC said that although the pandemic has hindered smooth educational working environment but we, as a whole, should tackle this panic situation. He added further that all the departments of UoBS have switched to online teaching.

Besides UoBS Learning Management System (UoBS-LMS), the departments are using other electronic applications like, Skype, Zoom, email, WhatsApp Groups, Camtasia Studio for video, recorded lectures and other virtual lecturing tools.

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan instructed all the HODs to be in contact with the students and facilitate them in every possible way. He added further that most of the students have a misconception that they got holidays from the government. “This is the time of science and technology and this is the time of distant learning”, he said. Take into account the hard demographic situation of GB, he said that some students live in extremely remote areas of Baltistan where they do not have any internet or mobile network facility. The university is planning to facilitate them at any cost.

Vice-Chancellor Prof Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan said that the situation demands for Quaid-e-Azam’s moto, unity, faith and discipline. In this hard times, apart from making lame excuses, the students and the staff of UoBS should facilitate each other and make this initiative successful. “I pray to Allah Almighty that He save us all from this lethal COVID-19.”, He concluded.